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Posted by in General, on March 17, 2016

Water is the basic necessity of life. We all use water; for drinking, washing etc. Along with water, survival without gas is also near to impossible.

We don’t think about this much but plumbing is an important issue. Laying pipes while erecting a new building or even maintaining the already present ones should be done with great skill and work should be top-notch to avoid future problems.

Given the importance of plumbing, let us come to the point. Introducing our plumbing company GPHS – Gas, Plumbing & Heating Services. GPHS brings a new dynamic to plumbing, gas and heating services with a focus on customer satisfaction and quality of workmanship. Services offered include; installation/removal of any plumbing appliances, pipe work replacement, water tanks, blockages and draining solutions and many more!

For GPHS reputation matters a lot. That is why our employees and especially plumbers are fully qualified who strictly observe rules such as; keeping good appearance, giving courtesy call before coming to the job, carry all price works with one-year guarantee and all price work comes with a full and easy to read invoice explaining in detail the work that is to be carried out.

GPHS is the plumbing company offering its expert plumbers and it covers almost every town in Surrey and a large part of Hampshire with main works around Farnham. For Farnham, GPHS offers to do the same day quotes with 24 hours a day emergency plumbing service.

So GPHS is a plumbing company as they say you can ‘hire with confidence’. A company where your satisfaction is the top priority with a job is well done, guaranteed! As we talked in the beginning of the blog that a good plumbing with smooth working and no future issues is an ideal thing as our daily lives highly depend on it. You can read more about the company on our website where you can find their more about their work as well as contact and charges details.

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